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Bariatric Care

Patient information

Provision of Care for Those Who Exceed the Dental Chair Weight


We wish our patients to be aware of our limitations in providing care to those over a certain

weight limit. Our dental chairs cannot operate above their maximum weight capacity

without posing risk to both the patient and staff. Our Practice and its Staff have both a duty

of care to all patients and a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to

operate in a safe environment.

Using any equipment outside the limits and recommendations of the manufacturer can

invalidate public and employee liability insurance, and there may be no recourse against

either the manufacturer or the patient for any breakage or failure.

We recognise this is a sensitive subject and are fully aware of our obligations when it comes

to accommodating patients of larger size and ensuring there is access to dental care.




Goodwin Dental Practice will not be obstructive to patients

exceeding the weight limit accessing care:

NHS South East Wales has provided general dental practices with a referral pathway to

provide care for patients who exceed the weight limit of our dental chair; the South East

Wales Bariatric Care Referral Pathway. If you are above the safe limit for treatment, you are

able to be referred to this service for ongoing care.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Dentist Office
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