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Updated 31/7/23


Nhs dentistry has changes as of April 2022

For the last 16 years dental practices have had a set budget to deliver NHS services to their patients. Careful management of the number of patients was needed to ensure everyone seen received the correct care within the budget. Welsh government has decided to make major changes to this system.  The aim being to provide more dental care to those who currently cannot access a dental practice.

Dentist Appointment

Using the same budget dental practices now need to use a large proportion of their budget to see patients not registered at the practice. This is to try and improve access to NHS dental services for those most in need. Make no mistake this will impact our existing patients which is out of our control.   Unfortunately there will be a longer wait for appointments due to accommodating several new patients to the practice daily. 


The average time spent on one of our existing patient per year is an hour and a half. due to regular appointment and advise, teeth are generally well maintained.


The average time a new patient to the practice requires is 4 hours of clinical time, due to many years of being unable to access a dentist.  As you can imagine this will have a huge impact. 


The benefit to new patients who have been struggling to register at a practice for years will be pleasantly surprised to find they can now register at many practices local to them.  We are currently working through our extensive waiting list of 1500 patients, we have seen or allocated appointments to over half of these in 3 months.

Please note:

Our dental chairs are very important to the smooth running of the practice.  For health & safety and insurance reasons the maximum weight that can be applied when reclining the chair is 21 stone.  If you weigh over this allowance please inform a member of staff.  There are facilities available locally who can facilitate your dental treatment.  Thankyou for your cooperation and understanding. 

Please bare with us as we adapt to these new changes, and please be respectful to member of our reception staff as they are working hard to try to accommodate everyone.


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