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Dental Foundation Training

Dr Iain Marsh


Dr Jessica Anthony


Jessica and Iain graduated from Cardiff University in 2012 and have lived and worked in the South Wales valleys since graduating.


We both enjoy variety in our working day and take great job satisfaction in general family dentistry and seeing whole families together and getting to know them and improve their oral health really makes us happy. 


Clinical aspects of dentistry we enjoy are Endodontics, Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Smile Makeovers. Iain is an Invisalign provider and both carry out short-term orthodontics. 

Outside of work,  Jess and Iain have a young family which keeps them very busy. 


Jess is originally from Cardiff and 


Iain is originally from Oxfordshire, he is a rugby fan and enjoys the England vs. Wales rivalry. He enjoys travelling and food and drink with friends.

Virtual Tour

The Goodwin Partnership in Porth “the gateway to the Rhondda Valley”. We are a member of the Glamorgan Vale and Beacons Scheme, which is based just a 5 minute walk from our practice at Porth Dental Teaching Unit.

The Practice has been Foundation training since 2020 with Iain as a joint supervisor from 2022. Jess joined Iain to start as a supervisor in 2023. They are very enthusiastic about providing the Foundation Dentist a varied mix of treatment options to really develop their skills.

The team at the Goodwin Partnership is outstanding and comprises of 9 Dentists, 8 Nurses, 3 Receptionists, 2 Practice Managers and 1 Hygienist. The practice is family owned by Owain Anthony, Laura Anthony, Iain Marsh and Jessica Marsh and that family ethos makes it a very relaxed place to work where there is always someone to ask for help. 

If you come and join our team this would be your surgery, it was completely refurbished in 2021 and can be set up for left and right handed use.


We are a fully digital practice and have SOE computer system and digital radiographs, plus an iTero scanner and a digital OPT/OPG machine.

New FD Surgery Since Filming


Where Are We?

If you are not from the South Wales area the chances of you having heard of Porth is fairly slim. It is a small town in the heart of the Rhonnda Valley.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 10.39.43.png

As you can see we are about 30 minutes from Cardiff where most Foundation Dentists would choose to live as it is a great city with a lot going on (providing coronavirus restrictions allow).

Most of the dentists working at the practice also live in Cardiff and make the same commute so if you are ever stuck it is likely someone else will be able to help.

Porth itself has a small high street with a Deli, Greggs and then a large Morrisons and if it's a dry day some of the dentists including myself and the current foundation dentist do like to walk into town at lunch to get some fresh air and grab coffee.

Foundation Dentist 2020 - William Parker

Hi, I'm Will and I'm still working at Goodwins as an associate now. Despite the restrictions at the start of the year I've had a really busy year. The reduced pace of practice gave me time to work on my basic clinical skills and build throughout the year to a good pace of work, with the opportunity to pursue my interests.


The team have been incredibly understanding and supportive during the year and has no doubt pushed me to become a better, more rounded dentist. Nathan's personal interests in Endodontics and Oral Surgery, alongside experience of Invisalign and aesthetic work mean he's well equipped to help you develop in all aspects and career pathways. 

We find ways to have fun every day and it is genuinely a place you will look forward to working in each day. Every staff member is a pleasure to work with and everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Here are some of the examples of big cases I've had the privilege of completing this year, including 6 unit bridges, aesthetic composite work and surgical extractions.

Photo on 05-01-2021 at 13.png
Untitled design-5.png
Untitled design-4.png

Foundation Dentist 2021 - Maddison Sheppard


Hi, my name is Maddi. I am a previous foundation dentist at the practice and have had an amazing year and fortunately am staying on as an associate dentist here. 

The experience I have gained whilst training here has covered a very large range of treatments, from full mouth rehabilitations with nervous to patients to complex indirect work. You'll find lots of opportunity for experience at the practice. 

My ES and the other associates at the practice are always willing to support and help out, no matter how big or small. My ES has taken the time to help me focus on my weaknesses and areas of interests in particular. This has aided me in becoming a more well-rounded dentist with improved confidence. 

The practice is a brilliant support network and create a light-hearted work environment, which I think is important when working a stressful job. The staff have gone above and beyond to help me through-out my FD year. I really do love coming to work everyday and I couldn't have asked for a better FD year. 

Below are some examples of the cases I have been able to complete this year!

Untitled design-28.png
Untitled design-30.png
Untitled design-29.png

Foundation Dentist 2022 - Harry Whinney


Hello, My Name is Harry Whinney. I am the current Foundation Dentist at Goodwins Partnership in Porth. Iain, Nathan, Jess and the team at Goodwins have been incredibly supportive and have allowed to develop my clinical skills, as I move from a freshly graduated student with minimal experience, to being confident in taking on big complex cases, as I look to start as an associate in September.
I can’t express enough how much clinical experience I have gained here and how accommodating everyone has been. To begin with, it was about getting the basic clinical skills right and being shown tips and tricks to excel in these areas. However, as I improved both of my ES’ took on my interests and have shown me other areas of dentistry, I didn’t even know existed. Both Iain and Nathan took on my interest in Invisalign and restorative dentistry and allow me to explore these with them. I regularly discuss with them their Invisalign cases and I have also, taken on some interesting cases with their help including: Hemisections, Surgical extractions, ICON resin infiltration, use of digital scanners for crown preps and some cosmetic work.
Goodwins is a brilliant practice with a range of patients to give you a taste of every aspect of dentistry, allowing you to work towards whatever plans you may have with your career or
simply discover what you enjoy! It has been invaluable for me, as its allowed me to build a portfolio to apply for private practice.
Below are just some of the cases I have treated so far this year:

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 20.31.08.png
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 20.31.15.png
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 20.30.46.png
Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 20.30.55.png

Foundation Dentist 2023 - Ioan Price


Hi! I’m Ioan, and I’m the current foundation dentist at The Goodwin Partnership in Porth. This practice is a great place to gain a lot of experience in all aspects of dentistry, whilst in a supportive environment. My confidence and ability has developed greatly since starting here as I’ve had the opportunity to complete a high number of complex cases. The practice has up to date equipment which has allowed me to gain experience in the use of intraoral scanners for crown and bridge work.

Iain and Jess are both excellent supervisors, and are always happy to help when you need it. I’m personally interested in oral surgery, and they have been very supportive of this through teaching and finding cases of surgical extractions for me to complete. The tutorials they give are always very useful and tailored to areas I felt less confident in. Due to their support and the amount of experience I have received this year, I feel confident to work independently as an associate from September.

You will be supported by a great team of nursing staff who are very helpful, and a lot of fun too! I am thoroughly enjoying my foundation year here at Goodwins and I can’t recommend it enough.


Fun Place To Work

We are a really fun and friendly team here and would suit a foundation dentist who doesn't take life too seriously and wants to have some light hearted fun as well as work hard and experience a wide breadth of clinical dentistry in one of the most high need areas of the UK.

Good luck with your final exams, vivas, case reports and portfolios and we wish all of this years graduates a happy foundation year!

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